Restorative dental procedures are designed to improve both the health and appearance of patients’ smile. At Ryan Maddox, DDS, Inc., in Folsom, we specialize in diagnosing and treating a wide array of conditions affecting oral health. Here are just a few of the ways in which we restore form and function to our patients’ teeth:


Dental fillings restore teeth that have been damaged by decay or fractures. At Ryan Maddox, DDS, we utilize only composite white fillings. Along with strengthening teeth, composite fillings match the natural color of teeth and offer improved comfort for patients. Additionally, white fillings are healthier because they contain no traces of mercury.


An effective solution to missing teeth, dentures enable patients to restore form and function to their smiles. At Ryan Maddox, DDS, we offer both complete and partial dentures based on your degree of tooth loss.

Root Canals

Without treatment, the tissue surrounding a decaying tooth can become infected, leading to pain and abscesses. A root canal involves the removal of the nerve and pulp to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed.


One of the most common dental procedures, crowns are permanent dental structures used to restore form and function to damaged teeth. Along with protecting teeth from fractures, crowns hide discoloration and cover dental implants. Additionally, crowns can be used to attach bridges.


Another fixed prosthetic device, a bridge fills gaps in your smile while preserving your jaw structure and function. At Ryan Maddox, DDS, we can bond your porcelain or ceramic bridge to both natural teeth and implants. With good oral hygiene, your bridge can last a lifetime.

Ideal for spaces a toothbrush can’t reach, flossing removes food particles and plaque. A thin thread made of waxed nylon, dental floss can reach below the gum line to clean between teeth. For proper flossing, you should first remove a length of floss from the dispenser. Wrap the ends of the floss around your middle fingers before guiding it gently between teeth. Then, unwrap the clean floss from around your fingers as you go. While it’s common for gums to bleed a little when you start flossing, patients should contact their dentists in the event that bleeding persists.

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